Commerce Online Coaching Classes

PUC II (XII) Commerce Coaching Classes

PUC II (XII) Commerce courses[commerce coaching classes] is designed to focus on fundamentals in core subjects of commerce which not only helps students to excel in their PUC exam but also create a foundation to prepare for professional course entrances like CPT.

Entuze online courses – commerce coaching classes are designed to explain key concepts through short videos supported by graphical explanations, examples, reinforced through meaningful quizzes that encourage step-by step internalization of concepts as against a rote / memorization based style followed by most other institutions.

Our PUC II (XII) Commerce course [commerce coaching classes] consists of three subjects:

  1. Accountancy II
  2. Economics II
  3. Statistics II

Entuze has designed the courses keeping in mind the structure of professional entrance exam while board syllabus is covered fully. Entuze courses are designed by professionals and industry experts with adequate experience.

Our PUC II (XII) Commerce online cochaing classes give students an edge over the traditional coaching.

We provide the following:

  • A learning path which includes a weekly study planner where we hand hold the students by designing the classes in a manner that helps students learn the concepts in a flow.
  • E-books. Explanatory study material in e-book form to help the student to review at his/her convenience
  • Audio Visual Lectures. Key concepts explained through short videos with graphical explanations and graphical illustrations
  • Quizzes. Chapter wise quizzes to validate and/or brush up on understanding
  • Online Support from faculty for clearing doubts
  • Online live discussion with the faculty on specific topics in a small group of students.
  • Discussion Forum. Online peer to peer discussion, exchange of views
  • Practice Test Series: In addition to above we provide a platform for students to practice time bound chapter wise test as well as full length mock test from a database of 5000 plus questions. Those tests not only help the students to master the concepts but also make them ready for future competitive and professional entrance exams.

Advantage of Joining Online Courses

  • Learn at your own space.
  • Course materials and video lectures are available 24/7 accessible from any mobile device.
  • Courses can be re visited any number of times, refer whenever you have any doubt.
  • Try multiple practice tests to strengthen your knowledge. Get detailed answer immediately on submission.
  • Get analytical reports to know your strength and weakness.
  • Get your doubts cleared from experts.
  • Collaborate with other students through in package discussion forum.
  • Save time on commuting to Coaching Centre

Offline Class at Bannerghatta Road

We understand that some students prefer classroom learning.  Keeping the comfort of our students in mind, we also have started instructor driven classroom coaching at our Bannerghatta center.

All our classroom based students will get the access to online courses for free in addition to classroom coaching.

Subjects and Key Features of the Syllabus at a glance

Accountancy II

Depreciation Accounting, Partnership Accounts, Company Accounts, Financial Statements of Companies, Financial Statements of Not-For-Profit Organisation, Analysis of Financial Statements, Computers in Accounting.

Statistics II

Vital Statistics, Index,  Time Series Analysis, Interpolation And Extrapolation, Theoretical Distributions, Statistical Inference, Statistical Quality Control, Operations Research.

Economics II

PART A: MICRO-ECONOMICS- Introduction, Theory of Consumer Behaviour, Demand Analysis, Production and Cost, The Theory of the Firm And Perfect Competition, Imperfect Competitive Markets (Non-Competitive Markets.
PART B MACRO-ECONOMICS- Introduction, National Income Accounting, Money and Banking, Consumption and Investment Function, Government Budget and The Economy, Open Economy.

Business Mathematics II

Business Mathematics II Syllabus will update soon.

Download Syllabus
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