Benefits of E-Learning and E-Tests

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The world is undergoing huge transformation and so are the way things used to work, a major transformation has been observed in the education vertical. The education system of any nation runs on a pre-defined protocol where the education was restricted to the four walls but with the world witnessing technological and communication advancement, education […]

To Do or Not To Do

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The world today is a whirlwind of stimuli. Our senses and thereby our mind is always being bombarded by a multitude of options and possibilities. None are exempted from this huge exposure, not even children. They have so much of variety to choose from; it maybe their clothes, their food and later on even their vocation. […]

5 Steps to Make You Proficient for CPT

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With nearly three lakh students appearing for the CPT every year, and the number only increasing, this exam has become one of the most competitive exams in recent times. If one is planning to appear in the CPT, it is imperative to plan ahead in order to succeed.
Is your imminent CPT exam giving you jitters? With these five simple steps, be sure to breeze

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