CPT Mock Test for Dec 2016

CA-CPT Exam Practice - CPT Mock Test Online

Entuze welcomes you to join our CA-CPT Exam Practice [ CPT Mock Test Online] test series. The program has been designed to sharpen your knowledge that you have gained while preparing for your CA-CPT exams.

Taking into account the current market trends and changes in the exam papers, Entuze cpt mock test online has prepared this test series that can make you revise your knowledge again and again.

The CA-CPT mock test online has been prepared by young and dynamic professionals who have excelled in this domain and this makes our papers more contemporary when it comes to the kind of questions being asked.

Moreover, we also update our test series as per the new changes and new patterns which are not the trend with most of the CA-CPT online classes and test series.

How does CA-CPT mock test online series work :

Entuze gives you 6000 plus CA-CPT model question paper which is an extract of all the four subjects.

The student has the option to select the complete four subject CA-CPT mock test online or they can select a specific subject. Once you complete the test series, the result is provided on the real-time basis and the answers are also explained so that you get a better insight of the missing points.

Advantages of joining CA—CPT Exam Practice:

  • 6000 plus question covering all the subjects
  • Take chapter wise test or subject wise test series
  • Complete package of four subjects test or you can select subject wise test
  • Previous years papers questions type covered and solved
  • Analytical reports of your performance to identify your areas of weakness

Key Features of CA-CPT Exam Practice – the online test series

  • Standard Tests – chapter wise test paper designed to test a student’s depth of understanding of a particular topic or chapter within a subject area. These can be taken after completing the study materials for the chapter or for revising the chapter at a later point.
  • Full-Length Mock Tests -a full-length mock CPT test with a time limit, designed to provide the experience of real CPT exams. These should be taken in the weeks preceding the CPT exam
  • Live Test Once in a while, we conduct online live tests to assess students’ comparative performance and provide them with concrete feedback.

Apart from this, we have a provision of online classes and teacher-student interactions that will help you understand the subject thoroughly.

Entuze has designed the course structure in a manner that you get prepared for the question of any format. All the questions are prepared by industry experts and the real-time analysis of your answers gives you a better picture of the status of your preparations.

The test series is the second part of the course structure the first part is CA-CPT Exam Review –the online learning platform and offline coaching classes. You can take the online CPT Exam Review course  and avail the test series for free or you can go ahead with the online CA-CPT test series if you want to test your skills. We have provision for both.

Let’s join and we will help you excel in the field of Chartered Accountancy.

Subjects and Key Features of the Syllabus at a glance

Quantitative Aptitude

Ratios, Equations, Inequalities, Permutation & Progression, Set theory, Limits & Continuity, Differential & Integral Calculus, Probability, Statistics, Correlations, Regressions.

General Economics

Introduction to economic; theory of demand, pricing & other concepts of microeconomic; macroeconomic overview of India economy.

Fundamentals of Accounting

Principles of the basic accountancy practices; financial statements including Profits & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements; preparation of Final Accounts for sole proprietors and partnership and introduction to company accounts.

Mercantile Laws

The India Contract Act, The Sales of Goods Act & Indian Partnership Act.

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