Transactional recruitment leads to hiring mistakes, resulting in:

  • attrition,
  • longer training hours,
  • high cost per hire,
  • poor productivity,
  • lost sales, and
  • angry customers

Our Solutions


Upskill early-career candidates in Communication, English, Quantitative Aptitude, Spreadsheet skills and job specific hard skills; reduces employers' training cost by up to 40% and training time by ​up to 40% and training time by 3 months


Assesses and predicts suitability of candidates for specific roles based on five key competencies: Communication, Behavior, Cognition, Skill, and X-factors


Colleges and skill authorities across metros, tier 2/3 cities and district towns; unearths and nurtures "hidden talents" not in the employers' radar

Up to Rs. 20 lakhs
Opportunity cost of a bad hire
Up to 1100 hours
Average training effort per hire
Up to 70%
Average attrition in 24 month
15 months
Average productive months per hire


Entuze Spectrum for Corporate & Operational Readiness Evaluation

We understand the candidates better and deeper as we tap into a wide range of information sources and analyze performance in multiple areas over a period of time. We synthesize all information into a 360 degree Candidate Matrix with 5 competencies and then, based on requirements for different jobs we compute suitability of candidate specific roles


Ability to understand, interpret and articulate thoughts verbally as well as in written format


Level of proficiency in one or more chosen areas of hard skill that are relevant to the industry


360 degree view based on self assessment, peer & mentor feedback, personality and situational judgement test & social media 


  • Learnability & Drive: Academic record, Entuze course performance trends, pursuit and/or excellence in sports, cultural activities, hobbies & volunteer work
  • Motivation & Presence: Statement of purpose, video elevator pitch, resume, interview


Verbal and logical reasoning, numerical ability, data analysis and interpretation, reading and listening comprehension
Through our EnSKILL platform we upskill all our candidates in the areas of
  • Communication
  • English & Comprehension
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Core Business Skills
  • IT & software skills
  • Industry Skills
  • Role specific skills