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CPT Quantatitive Aptitude

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About This Course

Entuze's CPT Quantitative Aptitude is a focused program on Quantitative Aptitude, which is one of the four papers in the Common Proficiency Test ("CPT") conducted by the The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ("ICAI") twice every year, in June and December. Qualifying the CPT is the first step for candidates to become a Chartered Accountant in India.

Our course offering includes more than 350 videos - each of 5 to 10 minutes duration, ebooks, quizzes, practice tests and mock tests with more than 2000 questions with detailed explanations - covering Quantitative Aptitude

The course material is organized in a weekly study schedule using the Learning Path feature. For each topic, students should read the ebooks which captures the essential concepts in a summary form, then watch the video lectures which are short and to the point and then attemp the topic specific quizzes and review the correct answers with explanations. The Learning Path feature, other than outlining the plan for the current week, also provides a backlog of items that a student may have missed in the prior weeks and needs to catch up on.

Topics you'll learn and practice

Quantitative Aptitude: Ratios, Equations, Inequalities, Permutation & Progression, Set Theory, Limits & Continuity, Differential & Integral Calculus, Probability, Statistics, Correlations, Regressions.

Who can take this Course

Students in Grade XII or first year of graduation (B.Com).

Students can appear for the CA CPT exam only after completing the Grade XII Board examination.