We strive to achieve excellence in creation of content and delivery of world-class user experience. To ensure this, we conceptualize and design all our offerings in-house but rely on partnerships with top professionals and institutions in the respective fields who bring in knowledge, experience and technical know how.

Colleges and Educational Institutions

We collaborate with colleges and educational institutes to provide customized courses tailored to meet the requirements of a specific institution or group of students. We partner with faculties and head of departments to create customized programs delivered through our digital platform that are either geared towards excellence in competitive exams or are focused towards bridging the existing curricula to a higher level of understanding and proficiency that is expected by the industry.

Subject Matter Specialist and Industry Experts

Our content, video lectures and question banks are prepared and vetted by passionate academicians and industry experts of relevant domain. We welcome subject matter specialists with deep understanding of the subject areas and a passion for illustrating complex concepts in simple easy to understand forms. We believe in providing students balanced course materials with inputs from academicians as well as industry practitioners; and to that effect we actively engage with industry experts to make our content richer with more practical illustrations that are relevant not only for the near term goal of excelling in an exam but also for long-term professional success of our students.

Join us to build content and challenging questions with solutions on flexible terms and get rewarded.


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